Targeted Pain Relief for
Lamb Marking

Numnuts provides targeted pain relief for tail docking and castration of sheep with a rubber ring. It’s an easy to use ring applicator, combined with an injector that dispenses NumOcaine anaesthetic.

Validated by CSRIO, Numnuts provides lambs the best start in life, giving welfare focused sheep farmers an ethical, sustainable approach to castration and de-tailing. 

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Targeted pain relief for tail docking and castration

Validated by CSIRO, Numnuts provides targeted pain relief during these husbandry procedures in a simple and quick to use applicator tool and injection mechanism.

Because ewe'd
feel it...!

Worldwide, more than 100 million lambs are castrated and tail docked each year without pain relief. Numnuts’ patented technology is a practical, farmer-friendly method for alleviating the pain suffered when lambs go through these husbandry procedures. 

Numnuts pain relief (NumOcaine) is injected at the same time as ring application to the tail or testes, providing targeted pain relief that kicks in almost immediately.

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