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Local Anaesthetic with Quick Change Cartridge (QCC) Technology

Designed for safety and speed in the farm environment.

What is NumOcaine?

NumOcaine is the approved local anaesthetic for Numnuts. It works by affecting the permeability of nerve cell membranes to sodium ions, thus blocking nerve impulse transmission. All nerves are effected but those concerned with pain and temperature are most sensitive. Onset of action is rapid when given by injection.

Give them targeted pain relief

Engineered to work around your current process for tail docking and castration with elastrator rings.


NumOcaine comes in 100mL bottles which covers roughly 65 procedures. With QCC technology, it removes tubes.

Fast Setup

QCC technology enables fast broaching and attachment to the Numnuts device.


The QCC acts as tamper security so you know you’re buying genuine NumOcaine, and also limits access to the local anaesthetic when outside of Numnuts device.

How to use

It’s designed to be simple and fast. Simply push the orange cap down to broach the bottle and twist onto the Numnuts device.

To prime, open the tool lightly and press the plunger 2-3 times until you see the fluid chamber fill up.

Watch how it works with the Numnuts applicator here

Quality Controlled

At the point of assembly, we run each QCC through a test exercise to check it’s fit for purpose before it is attached to a NumOcaine bottles and distributed. We do this with the QCC’s  to ensure success on the field.

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