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Innovating to Improve Lives

A fresh company dedicated to improving animal welfare through delivering Numnuts technology to the world

Who are we?

We are an internationally renowned team of research vets (Moredun Research Institute & CSIRO) who have combined forces with award-winning product development consultancy 4c Design.

The multi-disciplinary team are all passionate about farming. Our goal is to ensure food and wool security by improving farm animal welfare. As consumers and retailers become more interested in the husbandry of the animals, we recognised the need for an improved marking tool – one that administers pain relief and is easy for the farmer to use.

Our approach was to create a practical on-farm solution, developed and tested by farmers for farmers.

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Our approach

Creating Numnuts wasn’t straight forward. The effectiveness of powerful local anaesthetics was the obvious starting point. The challenge for the design team was how to integrate local anaesthetics into modern farm husbandry practices in a safe, fast and reliable manner. 

This might sound easy, but developing the system took hundreds of prototypes carrying out animal behavioural trials on over 5000 lambs across a 5 year cycle of development, testing and refinement. 

All our work has been undertaken using best practice scientific and animal experimentation protocols, resulting in two international patents and a large compendium of animal behaviour data that has been scientifically validated.

Where are we?

We are currently in production and will be launching Numnuts in Australia, summer 2019. Just in time for their marking season! We’re working hard with manufacturers, distributors, vets and stockists to get Numnuts on your lambs.

We’re intending to launch Numnuts in the UK and New Zealand in 2020.

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