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Device Maintenance
& Updates

Keep up to date with changes and improvements to the Numnuts system and make sure your Numnuts device is working its best

Device Maintenance

WATCH: Numnuts Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage | 4 Tips in 4mins

4 tips to keep your Numnuts device in top condition and ready for the next lamb marking season....
→ Tip 1: Remove needles and fluid junctions
→ Tip 2: Give it a scrub
→ Tip 3: Lubricate dual-stage injector and device jaws
→ Tip 4: Lubricate O-ring

WATCH: Numnuts® Device | Instructions

Instead of reading a manual, watch a short video about how to setup and use the Numnuts Device.

WATCH: Numnuts® Device | Needle Changover

A quick video showing how you change a needle on the Numnuts Device.

WATCH: NumOcaine® | Changing Bottles on Numnuts Device

The Quick Change Cartridge (QCC) fitted to every bottle of NumOcaine makes bottle change-over between mobs of lambs fast and straightforward.

Hardware | Size Matters... Numnuts Ring Expansion Size Vs. Traditional Ring Tools

Question: “Does the Numnuts tool expand rings to the same size as traditional elastrator pliers?”
Short answer: Yes!

Hardware | Make A Holder For Your Numnuts Device

A holster for your device speeds up workflow at lamb marking and helps the device to function smoothly by keeping it upright when it is placed down.

Latest Device Updates

WATCH: Fluid Junction Updates & Design Improvements | Sept2021

Improvements made to the Fluid Junction based on feedback from the field during our pilot launch season in Australia 2019.

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