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Fluid Junction Improvements

Over the past few months we have made a number of design improvements to the Fluid Junction. These have been based on the fantastic feedback we have received from our pioneering Australian customers, who had the world’s first access to Numnuts during the 2019 lamb marking season.

Samples of the new parts have now been used on over 10 farms in late-season 2019, and reports are that the new version has seen great improvements in the following areas:

  1. Firmer bottle connection, giving a more positive feel when connecting NumOcaine to the Fluid Junction
  2. Better sealing between the bottle and Fluid Junction connector
  3. More secure fitting between the metal needle-hub lure lock and the plastic barrel of the Fluid Junction

Watch the video below for an overview of the key design improvement we have made on the Fluid Junction:

All 2020 devices will have the new, improved Fluid Junction incorporated, and all our 2019 customers are eligible for a free upgrade. Please contact us and we will post a spare out to you.

The Fluid Junction has been designed as a ‘semi-replacement’ part. This means we recommend changing it each year, both for functionality and hygiene purposes. We also recommend that if you’re doing big numbers of lambs it is a good idea to have a couple spare, just in case — animals kick! 

You can purchase spares on our online store here.

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