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How to Buy NumOcaine

In Australian NumOcaine is a registered shedule 5 (S5) anaesthetic for sheep castration & tail docking with rubber ring. 

You can buy it from your Local Vet, via Rural Supplier or direct online (in our shop tab).

3 Ways to Buy NumOcaine in Australia

From your Vet

  • Contact your regular sheep vet
  • Buy in 65, 520 and 4,160 Dose Units
  • Vets have an extensive knowledge of using pain relief
  • Discuss a flock health plan with your vet
  • Use our Vet Map to find a NumOcaine vet
  • 'Phone a Vet' for only $25

Direct Online

  • Create an account to buy online
  • Buy in 65, 520 and 4,160 Dose Units
  • Fast, direct ordering process - delivered direct to your farm
  • Annual repeat order reminder
  • Product Support direct from the Numnuts team
  • Free Shipping on orders over $2000

From Rural Stores

  • Buy from your local Rural Store
  • Buy in 65, 520 and 4,160 Dose Units
  • Support your local store

  • Billed to your rural store account
  • Use our store locator to find a local stockist

How much NumOcaine will I Need?

To find out how much NumOcaine you require, and receive an estimate, please register your interest to use our NumOcaine Calculator.

Please note prices are indicative of the RRP of NumOcaine. These prices do not consider the cost of hardware, shipping or dispensing fees.

RRPs and cost per dose can be found below.

Your vet practice or local rural store will calculate the final price for your NumOcaine if you are buying from them. All prices shown exclude GST.

NumOcaine Pack Sizes & Specifications

65 Doses

Single NumOcaine 100ml QCC
$ 50 77c/ dose ex GST*
  • 1 bottle = 65 doses
  • 43 lambs (male + female, tails + testes)
  • 1.5ml dose, 65 doses/bottle
  • Single bottle
  • zero-days withholding period
  • Store at room temperature
  • Individually boxed

4,160 Doses

Containa 8 x 520 Doses **
$ 2800 67c/ dose ex GST*
  • 64 bottles = 4,160 total doses
  • 2,773 lambs (male + female, tails + testes)​
  • 1.5ml dose, 65 doses/bottle
  • Supplied as 8 multi-pack cartons
  • zero-days withholding period
  • Store at room temperature
  • Qty 8 Fluid Junctions Included
Free Post

520 Doses

Contains 8 x 100ml bottles, not for individual sale**
$ 350 68c/ dose ex GST*
  • 8 bottles = 520 total doses
  • 346 lambs (male + female, tails + testes)​​
  • 1.5ml dose, 65 doses/bottle
  • Supplied as one multi-pack carton
  • zero-days withholding period
  • Store at room temperature
  • Qty 1 Fluid Junction Included

*Prices exclude GST

** The 4,160 option can be legally resold as 520-doses. However, 520-dose multipack cannot be separated and resold. Doing so may attract a significant fine. Please use the 65-dose option to meet your total dosage requirements.

Rural retailers and vets can register to create a wholesale account and access our wholesale prices.

Where to find Numnuts Wholesalers

Want to learn more about NumOcaine?

We have plenty of information throughout our website that can help you learn more about providing pain relief to your lambs during lamb marking. Below are a few great places to start. 

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About NumOcaine

Learn more about how NumOcaine works and what CSIRO research has found.

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