Int. Sheep Vet Conference & Royal Highland Show 2017

The Numnuts team enjoyed demonstrating our work on the Moredun stand at the International Sheep Vet Conference in Harrogate in May and at the Royal Highland Show in June, thank you for registering your interest.

Our aim with this website and our email newsletters is to keep key stakeholders abreast of our journey towards launching the product and hopefully gather your feedback and moral support to help create strong adoption of Numnuts worldwide.

Animal Welfare is the key reason for Numnuts. Our customers are sheep producers, vets, and retailers and our overall aim is to deliver a cost-effective low pain method for castration and tail docking which will benefit sheep and protect farmers ethical license to produce mutton and wool. We face a challenging and exciting time ahead transitioning our research and development into a commercial product.

We spoke to over 500 vets, farmers, processors, retailers, pharmaceutical companies and consumers over the course of the last month and it is clear to us that there is a great deal of interest in reducing the pain caused by castration and tail docking in sheep and other farm animal species.

We hope the FAQs on our website should help to answer many of the questions you may have. We favour an ‘open innovation’ approach with our customers and stakeholders, so if there is something you feel we have missed out, please feel free to contact me at

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