Numnuts Availability – Launch Schedule

19th-20th June 2019
24th June
July 2019
5th - 6th August 2019
August 2019
Early September 2019
Farm Launch
Numnuts first public showcase to farmers at Merino Link Conference | Armidale NSW on the 19th and 20th of June.
Numnuts Device Available to Buy Online
The farms that have registered their interest and shown an intention to purchase Numnuts ahead of your marketing season will be first in line to receive the limited stock we will have available.The Online Shop will be open to purchase Numnuts from late June 19, we will email those registered and they can access the stock that will be sold on first come first served basis. Delivery of devices to farms will begin from Mid August 2019.
NumOcaine supply for Vets and Contractors
We begin distributing NumOcaine to vet wholesalers.
SheepVention - Hamilton
For those who want to learn more we will be at SheepVention to answer any and all questions around Numnuts.
Receive Device
Farmers who have bought Numnuts online will receive their device in the post or collect from Vet .

Note: Farmers will have had to have purchased NumOcaine from their vet practice in order to use Numnuts.
MLA Extended Trials
Producers who have registered with us will have the opportunity to participate in an MLA extended trials, technology adoption program see MLA Collaborators sought for expanded trials

When will Numnuts be Available?

Ahh, the most asked question we’ve faced over the past 5 years during development. Well the good news is that this year (2019) we will be having a pilot launch in Australia with 500 Numnuts Applicators.

Our intentions are to then launch in the UK and New Zealand in 2020.

Register My Interest and Become Eligible to Distribute NumOcaine