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Elastrator® Rings

$18.00$70.00 (inc. GST)


Product Benefits

During our 5 years of testing and development Numunts we trailed various brands of rubber ring.

A rubber ring failing in the paddocks can be a costly problem, so quality is essential.

We have found the original Elastrator® brand manufactured by Heiniger to be of the highest quality.

We have seen first hand the ISO 9001 quality control process Heiniger carry out in Australia.

The powder on the Elastrator® original rings acts as an antiseptic and a lubricant, making the ring-opening and removal easier.

Don’t get caught out forgetting to pick up rings; order a tub online now!

Note: Min shipping cost is $15 on all items in the numnuts store, so best ordered in conjunction with other items for postage cost-efficiency

Qty 500 RRP $18 (inc GST)

Qty 2000 RRP $70 (inc GST)

What's In The Box?

Tub Elastrator® Rings

500 or 2000 tub size – Select size option

Elastrator® Original Rings (Heiniger Australia).

The original elastrator ring for castration and tail docking.

Ring Colour : Green

Format: In a pale bucket with metal swing handle

We offer Elastrator rings to Vets so they can provide their clients everything they require for lamb marking from one place


Elastrator® Rings

Elastrator® Rings are a simple and highly effective method for bloodless tail docking and castration.

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