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Fluid Junction & O-ring seal

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Product Benefits

1. Engineered from medical grade plastics for cleanliness and reduced bioburden.
2. Clear window indicator allows operator to see when priming and NumOcaine cartridge changeover is required.
3. Pro-Tip: Purchase additional Fluid junctions and pre load with fresh needles and broached Numocaine QCC to for super-fast transitions utilizing the Numnuts device ¼ turn fluid junction nut to achieve maximum output during each marking session.

What's In The Box?

1 replacement fuild junction and o-ring seal


Fluid Junction & O-ring seal

Changing the fluid junction each season ensures the NumOcaine being injected into your new-born lambs is passing through clean apparatus. O-ring degrade with UV. A combined Oring & fluid junction replacement ensures ‘sticky free’ injections for thousands of cycles.

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