12 Numnuts® Needles (x1 Tray)

$15.00 (inc. GST)

In stock

Product Benefits

1. Quality needles
2. 18G for quick dispensing of drug
3. Stainless steel for cleanliness
4. Long needles, easier, less fiddly handling for regular needle changeover

*from Mid February 2021 shipping will cost $15 minimum on all spare parts

What's In The Box?

12 Needles specific to Numnuts device
Quality livestock needle
Recommended to needle change every 2nd bottle of NumOcaine™ (120 injections)


12 Numnuts® Needles (x1 Tray)

Regular needle changeover ensures a sharp needle, reducing the pain of injection and keeping injection loads low for the operator. Reduce injection or cross contamination of bugs by regularly changing over needle.

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