Exciting news! Dechra now distributes Numnuts and NumOcaine, aligning with our product range dedicated to animal welfare. These solutions offer compassionate over-the-counter practical options for animal husbandry procedures and are readily available nationwide.

Our online store is now closed, however, click here to find out how to buy Numnuts products. Thank you for your continued support.

Numnuts® Device

Product Benefits

1. Revolutionary patented device combines tail docking and castration with targeted pain relief, all in one handled unit
2. Reduce labour time/cost
3. Plug and Play with NumOcaine Quick Change Cartridge (QCC) technology
4. Dual Stage Injector technology prevents accidental injections
5. Easy priming
6. 1.5ml accurate dosing, pre-calibrated
7. No weighing or weight estimation required – simple one dose amount for all lamb sizes, for both tail & testes
8. Needle Safe
9. Simple needle changeover

What's In The Box?

Ring Applicator
Dual Stage Injector
Fluid Junction
Demo (water) Quick Change Cartridge bottle
x12 Numnuts-specific needles
x6 Elastrator Rings for demo


Numnuts® Device

Numnuts® is a 2-in-1 device that administers an Elastrator® ring along with a pre-calibrated dose of NumOcaine®. This device makes giving fast-acting targeted pain relief for castration and tail docking of lambs easy, fast, and safe. The Numnuts® Device allows producers and contractors to provide best practice without compromising on safety and efficiency. The device is robust, blood-free, and needle-safe. The modular design allows for parts to be changed to maintain good hygiene and efficient function. Numnuts® has been used across Australia since 2019 and has been used to administer over 3.3 Million doses as of November 2022.  

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