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Spares Kit

$127.00 (ex. GST)

Product Benefits

Spares Kit saving: Save $45 vs. buying items individually

The Numnuts® Spares Kit contains all the spare harware you might need to keep your Numnuts device working smoothly.

1. Includes 1 spare Injector and 2 spare Fluid Junctions
2. Includes three extra trays of needles – enough for over 4,000 injections
3. Save time and money by buying all your hardware at once

The Numnuts applicator has been designed as a robust piece of kit and can handle most everyday knocks and drops. However, we are acutely aware that some lambs have been born with a ninja kick and anything can happen on farms – we’ve even seen one accidentally run over by the Ute! So, if the unexpected does happen, this kit will keep your lamb marking going, with quick-change out spares ready at hand during a busy time in the yards.

What's In The Box?

x1 spare Dual-Stage Injector
x2 spare Fluid Junctions
x36 Numnuts-specific needles


Spares Kit

Our modular design allows the quick changeover of the two main drug handling components. The Numnuts® Spares Kit contains all the spare hardware you might need to keep your Numnuts device working smoothly, including: two spare fluid junctions, the clear part the NumOcaine bottle connects to; an additional dual-stage injector, the part you push to inject; and three extra trays of needles. Numnuts® (in conjunction with NumOcaine™) enables sheep producers to mitigate pain in their lambs during castration and tail-docking. Numnuts® puts fast, targeted and safe application of local anaesthetic into the hands of farmers & contractors at marking time. The combination of rubber ring and local anaesthetic applicator in a single device enables Numnuts to target acute pain where it occurs, within minutes.

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