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Numnuts is entirely unique. Nothing other device exists that allows farmers to provide targeted pain relief to lambs during tail docking and castration. Here are some of the reviews we’ve received from our pioneering customers.

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Emily Stretch
We used Numnuts for the first time in 2019. We only planned to trial it but after the first mob we bought enough for the entire marking run. The lambs mother almost instantly, there’s far less noise and confusion in the yards, the animals are calm and happy.
Julie Bird
Used Numnuts for the first time and was amazed at how the lambs didn’t sit down and sulk. Video on Sleepy Merino Instagram.They walked out of the yards and started grazing. Despite the drought we have noticed less post marking deaths and they haven’t had any setback, so are bigger than normal. Didn’t think the difference would be as obvious. As I value add our wool, and send products overseas, I need to have extremely ethical production- my customers do ask these questions! This is the way we need to go.
Tanya Meares
Numnuts is a great solution to the old problem of castration and tail docking pain. We tried it on our own sheep first and were really pleased to see it delivered excellent results. Lambs were markedly less distressed and were able to get back to normal behaviour quicker than usual. Since then, we have been spreading the word to local sheep farmers. Everyone who has tried it wants to use it again. Ordering and spare parts are easy to obtain. Definetly a huge step forward for sheep welfare.
Kathryn Smith
Saw Numnuts demonstrated first hand at Henty Field days this year... so good to finally see lambs recieve some anaesthetic at lamb marking.
Nick Lonie
I saw Numnuts demoed for the first time at Aus Vet conference in Perth. Tool looks well engineered and is straightforward to use. Good that it allows for bloodless taildocking with anaesthetic, as the tail docking I’ve seen with a hot iron looks brutal.

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