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Calling Sheep Producers! CSIRO Needs You for New Australian Study

Participate in ground-breaking research | $1000 incentive payment

Scientists at CSIRO Agriculture are about to embark on an Australia-wide research project studying the pain relief effects of Numnuts for both ring castration and tail docking – and they need your help.

The CSIRO team is looking for 40 to 60 sheep producers who aren’t currently using pain relief for marking, but who are interested in trialing this new approach on around 60 of this year’s lambs. 

The lambs can be of any breed, but will need to be either non-mulesed, or due to be mulesed at a later date.


On trial day, two 4×4 metre pens need to be set up near marking yards. You will need to  separate the lambs into treatment groups, and then note down some of their behaviours once the procedures have taken place.


CSIRO will provide all the instructions and what’s more, will be arranging for a sheep vet or research technical support to be present all day. 

On farm numnuts extended producer trials 2021 run by CSRIO

Who can take part?

Producers need to be farming in NSW, SA, VIC, TAS and WA to
take part. It’s a single day’s involvement, and there’s an incentive payment of AU$ 1000 to cover your time and materials.

If you are interested in the study, but are already a Numnuts user, you can still help. If you know other sheep producers who are interested in lamb marking products and techniques, please feel free to pass this information on.

On farm numnuts extended producer trials 2021 run by CSRIO

Sounds interesting?

For more details, please contact the CSIRO team:

Jim Lea: [email protected], phone 0407 137 466 or 
Dr. Alison Small: [email protected]

On farm numnuts extended producer trials 2021 run by CSRIO
A flock of Merino Sheep in a field

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