Sheep Welfare & Husbandry Seminar Highlights

Robin had a fascinating day at the Macdonal & Co Sheep Welfare and Husbandry Seminar — a big day of discussion about the future of on-farm animal welfare in Australia. The Aussie wool community are really taking the lead on farm welfare issues and doing so much in this space. They should be proud and keep talking about the positive stories of Australian wool! It’s great to be around this community and have the chance to understand more about the provenience of this amazing natural fibre.

This great event featured talks from industry leaders on a range of welfare issues, with a particular focus on pain relief options during lamb marking. If you couldn’t make it along (or if you just want another to see them again!), we’ve got a couple of the talks from the seminar day for you:

Tim Mardwell (The Schneider Group)

Dr Alison Small (CSIRO)

Robin Smith (Numnuts)

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