How to buy NumOcaine

The Numnuts applicator, accessories, and spares can be bought from this site via our online store, however NumOcaine (our approved local anaesthetic) is an APVMA Schedule 4 drug and can only be supplied by a Vet.

  • Step 1: Contact your usual vet (the vet you already have a relationship with)

    If they are registered as a NumOcaine stockist they will be able to supply you with NumOcaine in 3 working days. If they are not already a NumOcaine stockist, ask them to register with us online and they will be able to supply you with NumOcaine in 5 working days.

  • Step 2: If you do not have an ongoing vet relationship, use our interactive Vet Map below to locate a local NumOcaine Vet stockist

    Please keep in mind: a vet requires a bona fide professional relationship with you to be able to prescribe NumOcaine for your flock. This means it could take slightly longer to get your first NumOcaine supply from a new vet as they may have a new client on-boarding process before they can issue prescriptions.


Watch how NumOcaine works with the Numnuts applicator here

Further information on NumOcaine here



Wondering why your practice isn’t on the map?

Sign up here to become a NumOcaine stockist

If you are already registered, click here to be included in the map

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