Technical Information

Numnuts is an entirely unique product.

No other device allows farmers to effectively and safely provide targeted local anaesthetic pain relief to lambs during tail docking and castration with a rubber ring.


Tail Docking Gas Knife & Numnuts Ring & Remove

An option using Numnuts to provide pre-operative pain relief for taildocking when using the knife or cold knife. Useful for wool growers who are mulsing and wish to remove the tail at the time of breach modification

NumOcaine® QCC Instruction
Rare Outcome advice

How to broach a NumOcaine bottle with Numnuts unique mess free rapid QCC system and advice if you see lambs with wobbly back legs

Numnuts Tail Docking Effectiveness

The present study demonstrated that the Numnuts® device can provide immediate pain relief for the acute pain phase of ring tail docking in lambs.

Technical Updates

Troubleshooting | Miss Injections into the Testes?

A small number of producers occasionally report 'mis fires' when injecting into the testes.
Read this to find out what's happening and how to correct it.

NumOcaine | How To Arrange Your Supply

NumOcaine is an APVMA Schedule 4 drug and can only be supplied by registered Veterinarians.
Read this guide on how to arrange your supply.

NumOcaine | Bottle Change Over: Fast & No Fuss

Changing bottles over on your Numnuts device is fast and straightforward, due to our patented Quick-Change Cartridge technology.
Check out this post to find out more.

Hardware | Size Matters... Numnuts Ring Expansion Size Vs. Traditional Ring Tools

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Hardware | Make A Holder For Your Numnuts Device

A holster for your device speeds up workflow at lamb marking and helps the device to function smoothly by keeping it upright when it is placed down.
Instructions for making a quick and easy Numnuts holder.

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